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Our projects

Our projects

“The street lighting for Wadi El-Nar by Solar Energy

Project location: Wadi El-Nar road

Project summary and objectives: Providing 5 km of Wadi El-Nar vital road with streetlights that run by solar energy. The objective was to turn one of the vital roads that link the southern provinces to the northern and center provinces, and to the Jordanian borders to become more easier and less dangerous to drive in, since Wadi El-Nar road is known for being very bumpy and gloomy at night (especially in winter season).

“Providing Clean Water for schools in rural areas using the solar energy

Project location: Jordan Valley / Palestinian Territories

Project summary and objectives: The four-staged project is seeking to target 4 schools with the most excessive water pollution problems, from 4 rural areas in the Jordan Valley area in Palestine “C areas” (AlFasaial, Al-Nowi’mah, Jiftlek and Furuosh Beit Dajan) The project is aiming at providing each school with a water purification device.

“Advocasy and Promotion Campaign for the use of Renewable Energy in the OPT

Project location: West Bank

Project summary and objectives: Bringing all relevant stakeholders in the field of renewable energy together by organizing workshops, information sessions and training sessions and thereby include investors from the public sector, the private industry and interested households with sufficient means to invest. And then is situated at policy level, as it is the main objective to advocate for a new legal framework in the field of renewable energy and the development of a sustainable incentive policy from which all Palestinians could benefit in the long term. That makes the main 2 targets:

  1. 50 CSOs and stakeholders that advocate for the creation of a new legislative framework for the use of renewable energy after participating in the project’s workshops.
  2. 1000 stakeholders and experts who sign a petition urging the government to create a new legislative framework for the use of renewable energy.

“Stimulation of investment in Renewable Energy after the Approval of Palestinian Renewable Energy Strategy

Project location: West Bank

Project summary and objectives: The overall goal of the project is to promote and improve the prospects of investments in the production of on-grid electricity from renewable energy sources and to advocate for business friendly RE Law.

“Awareness and Advocacy for Renewable Energy Policies in the Service of Sustainable Development

Project location: West Bank

Project summary and objectives: The overall objective of the project is to raise awareness of renewable energy and to stimulate the effective involvement of the Palestinian citizens in the use of renewable energy especially solar energy in order to generate on-grid electricity within the Palestinian Solar Initiative. There are 3 strategic objectives: Raising awareness in renewable energy, advocacy for Renewable Energy Law and the capacity building of the PSSES.

“BIM for Energy Efficiency in Public sector (BEEP)

Project location: West Bank

Project summary and objectives: The BEEP project is a project funded by the EU ENI CBC Med initiative, and aims at strengthening the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enhance energy efficiency in buildings. During the project lifetime, the testing of this emerging technology on built heritage will be performed to demonstrate its scalability to the entire building stock. The project main outcome will be an innovative methodology based on the integration of emerging technologies tested on heritage public buildings. The BEEP project includes 8 EU and Mediterranean partners under the leadership of the Institute for Cultural Heritage Sciences (ISPC, Italy) with PSSES being a partner from Palestine.